About Bubble Safari Wiki....

Foundered on the 12th June 2012 by myself, *-jester-* whom at the time was still quite new to wiki code so this offered a great opportunity for me to learn whilst also giving a little back to the community and fans of Zynga's Bubble Safari Game.

Feel free to browse around and as you do keep looking out for the
Wiki Tip-Icon
icon where Bubbles the Monkey points out some handy game tips & tricks ;o)

I particularly enjoyed creating the Header & Footer templates, my intention was to have these on every page so I also created a "New Page Layout" so that all new pages have the same theme through out the hole wiki. Try it now...

Everyone is welcome to edit this wiki if they so please. If you require any help regarding editing please visit this link. Alternatively if you have any further questions please feel free to contact me or any of the Admins who will be all too eager to assist ;o) I hope you enjoy this wiki and I hope you can have as much fun as me editing and adding to it ;)

Icon Bubbles-Icon Jester  (Admin)   Message Me  1,181 edits made  Contributions  Signed: 15:26, 30/6/2012 

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